Does my child need ABA?

A thorough assessment by a certified child psychologist, developmental therapist, paediatrician, can determine whether a child requires Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The therapist will assess your child’s functional levels. Behaviour therapy for your autistic child may be recommended, if your child's functioning level is not age appropriate. How does ABA therapy work? Well, ABA therapy for children not only helps in reducing their problem behaviors, but also teaching them new and age appropriate skills. It's therefore, a myth that behavioral therapy for autistic children is recommended only when a child emits inappropriate behaviors.


Before starting behavioral therapy for your autistic child, the issues your ABA therapist will look out for are as follows:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Learning difficulties
  • Lack of, or difficulty with social interaction
  • Difficulty acquiring new skills
  • Weak or improper gross motor and/or fine motor skills
  • Signs of aggression
  • Signs of temper tantrums
  • Tendency of self-injury


Does my child need ABA
Does my child need ABA


While giving ABA therapy for children, the therapist also focuses on your parenting skills. Behavioral therapy for autistic children includes helping the child control challenging impulses. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) studies the behaviour pattern of your autistic child, and encourages them to use "expected or appropriate behaviours" more often. The role of the ABA therapist matters a lot here. The therapist needs to build a rapport with the child first. It’s also extremely important that for the parents & the therapist to be on the same page for the ABA therapy to be effective.


ABA therapy for children is preferable as its goals are measurable and the parent & therapist can simultaneously keep an eye on the process and its outcomes. Behavioral therapy for autistic children can be given a try, and if the child exhibits a positive response to ABA therapy and his/ her learning daily living skills are improving, then it is the right fit for the child. Refer to our Worldwide Directory to start ABA therapy for your autistic child, from an ABA Therapist closest to you.


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