Does ABA work for High Functioning children?

‘High-functioning autism’ has been a debatable term. Medical scientist and lead researcher Gail Alvares states that "The term 'high functioning autism' is not a diagnostic term and is based on an IQ assessment, rather than a functional assessment," He goes on to state that being labelled 'high functioning' could even make it more difficult for these to access the care they need. While individuals with high-functioning autism may not have an intellectual disability, they may experience severe deficits in areas of communication, social interaction, emotion recognition and expression. They may also present comorbid symptoms of sensory disorder, social anxiety and ADHD.


It's a common misconception that ABA doesn't at all apply to children that are high functioning. Rather than behavior therapy, autism kids who fall under this category, are usually recommended play therapy. However, ABA strategies for behavior management in these children could provide a varying level of structure according to the needs of the child. A modified ABA program gives the opportunity to high functioning children to learn in a less structured format. In fact, ABA strategies are incredibly effective and important for this population. For autism kids who’re undergoing an ABA program, modifications of the ABA therapy courses can meet the specific needs of the child with autism.


Does ABA work for High Functioning children?
Does ABA work for High Functioning children?


While your child undergoes an ABA program, you will need to thoroughly discuss the particular strengths and needs of the child, parent’s specific objectives and other strategies for teaching. Behavioral therapy works best when done in close collaboration with a certified ABA specialist. An experienced ABA therapist will be able to not only assess your child’s specific and overall degrees of understanding, but will also be able to personalise the ABA program for them. Often ABA therapist are easily accessible in more urban areas, however, they may be hard to find in more interior localities. Check out if you can find an ABA therapist closest to you.


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