The vision of building the centre was born out of a desperate cry of a mother to her creator. Her son Caleb was born on the 9th September 2007 and until the age of three developed normally. However at that point something fundamentally changed.He started retreating into himself and the child he had been disappeared somewhere out of reach.He refused eye contact, became very hyperactive, very destructive, had problems with sleeping and communicated in bubbling sounds. She took him to the hospital and the doctor told her he will be fine after sometime. She waited but there was no change. Caleb’s parents visited several hospitals but the story was in all the hospitals the same…They had to be patient for changes to come.It was while having a conversation with a German lady who observed the child’s behavior and asked if he could be taken back to the hospital and humbly ask for a diagnosis in autism.

Special Schools

Kabwe, Zambia

Plot 16 Main Mine Road, Kabwe, Zambia

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